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AllegedLIES: I Don’t Care

I would first like to clarify the series title…

Allegedly + pluralizing allegedly + the word lies = AllegedLIES.

Maybe it’s the counselor in me that wants to break down barriers. Maybe it’s the child in me that is curious about the truth and the world. Maybe it’s the writer in me that wants to make sure all bases are covered in a simple manner. I don’t know. I observe a lot and I would feel selfish to keep my findings to myself……. (in other words, I have a big mouth! Shhh, don’t tell nobody). I won’t say I don’t ever lie, but I will say that the things I do lie about are really juvenile or feelings sparers (that’s a word now). I wanted to address some things that seem a certain way, but are not so. The stranger part of it is that everybody knows, even the participants, but still play a role in the AllegedLIES.

The first of these is the facade of nothing mattering. In my opinion, I think we make these harsh statements at times as defense mechanisms for pain. You don’t want to seem weak and you don’t want people to think they hurt you (or got to you) in any way. My personal reasons would be to say that most people don’t deserve to know they hurt you. Maybe it’s foolish or maybe it isn’t. We get engrossed in image and lose ourselves. Never let them see you sweat (I guess). I’m not saying to wear your life on your sleeve, but having a healthy balance isn’t a crime.

I wonder at times if it is all really worth it. Is it worth spending your one life trying to make it look like you have it together? Is it worth struggling to make it look like you have it all? Is it worth not eating so that you can show off a body that isn’t in your genetics? Is it worth building all of this great wealth and have no one to leave it to or at least someone deserving because you cannot take it with you? Is it worth realizing you regret your life? These are not new questions. They have been asked under the sun for ages. It is interesting to read or see another human being pour out their heart and soul and despite what you think of their actions, most people envy their courage.

To cover up all of our¬†insecurities,¬†uncertainties, and wonderings isn’t to our own benefit. We turn off a part of being human. We hide things and hold secrets that eat at us. We technically do not keep it real if everything is always “presentable”. My hope is that everyone at least have a couple of people in their lives that they can have real conversations with and sort through the messes of life. Life is too short to live it alone and artificially.

-Signed, I don’t care