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It’s All Fun & Games Until…

Consequences? Who worries about those? Correction, who worries about consequences when in the heat of the moment? Not everybody! There are many things in life that we choose to take chances and still be completely aware of what may be due us. This is understandable, but there are certain things that we ought  to not play Russian roulette with. The saying  goes ‘when you play with fire you will get burned’, well…….. (sometimes).

It’s all fun and games until……

You Get That Call. I realize that there are moments when things can get out of hand and in the heat of the moment stupid decisions don’t seem like such a bad idea. You’re in the moment and everything is perfect, but neither of you have a condom. You make the dumbest excuses ever. You think, “so-and-so looks clean” or “just this one time and then never again” or other idiotic home remedies to avoid possible trouble you’ve heard of. The worse part is that there are some of you that don’t care at all. There are others of you that fall in love every other week and since that’s your alleged “boo” you don’t feel the need to protect yourself. You put yourself in situations where you pray for your period. You put yourself in situations where you dread the call from the jump off conveniently 4 weeks after you hit. You say you’re grown and can do what you want. This is true. Let me be the 1st, 2nd or 50th to remind you of that when you need help with that kid you didn’t plan on having for that marvelous 3 and a half minutes way back when. The risks are your choice, but as I previously stated…

It’s all fun and games until……

You Get That Itch. There are people walking around with smiles on their faces and disease in their bodies. I don’t care how much you bathe, how great the sex/head is nor how good you smell, it will not erase an STD. I know of people that are fully aware that they have HIV and still do not care who they take down with them. When did it become uncool to go to the doctors? When did it become okay to be stupid when it comes to your health? It’s not so cute to brag about how many bad b*tches you f*ck when your d*ck is hanging on for dear life. All that “him” talk comes to a screeching halt when your vag starts doing cart wheels.

In most cases, no, in all cases it is not worth it! Don’t play with your life for a momentary “pleasure” that you may have to live with for the rest of your life. To many of you, I am speaking in vain, but I guess for others it will take having your 4th kid or your 5th abortion. Maybe it will take seeing yourself disintegrate  in the mirror because you got hit with something you cannot shake or had a curable STD for so long that you now have permanent damage. The moral of this story is that NO, you can’t put the head in and NO you can’t wait until you get a chick to get on all fours to sneak that condom off and NO it’s not cool to poke holes in condoms. Many of us need to inquire a little further before we select who we lay with. You need to get stuck up about your health and read up on health related issues in regards to sex and everything else. Be aware of the risks with oral sex, kissing, and other things that can be transmitted. Take care of yourselves! You don’t wanna have to blame it on the alcohol for the rest of your life.

-Signed, Wrap It Up!

“…and all that he can say is ‘baby, it’s good to me’…”


It’s Your World

Where is the mystery? What happened to the good ol’ days? I remember when people actually spent time with the people they were around versus merely being in the same room, but in totally different worlds. Everything moves so quickly that we have time for nothing. I am becoming overwhelmed with all of this multitasking. Certain things can be convenient (like online shopping), but sometimes I wonder if it takes the experience out of being out in the world for something as simple as the search for something special when shopping. When it comes to dealing with more pressing parts of life, I’m a little worried.

Hit Me Up. I find it quite interesting how we can go above and beyond to avoid human contact. We drive to places we can walk to and even if we’re in a car with people we cut the music up. We do everything else with our ipods on aka “don’t bother me” shields. We go on social networks all day until the point that we are anti-social to our surroundings. We text or bbm so they won’t call. We tweet or facebook to “keep in touch”. We skype so we won’t have to meet up. And at a last absolute resort we might see another human being, but we won’t be completely there. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like what this has done to me!

TMI via Social Networks. Some of you may remember the days where you saw people and had the opportunity to catch up or you could ask someone how another was doing. Nowadays it’s unnecessary because you can just check their status and pictures and come to your own conclusions. You’re “caught up” and the person has no idea you ever even inquired. The other side is knowing too much about people who you know seemingly well or just casually. This usually isn’t a good look, but in reading people’s thoughts online you see a side that might have never been spoken around you. People you deal with might suddenly turn you off for varying reasons whether you are putting two and two together figuring out who else they are sexing, if they are overly (fraudulently) cocky, if they seem to be interested in someone else and so on.

It’s like social networks have taken the mystery out of having a crush or liking somebody, because as soon as you think “I wonder what so and so is doing” you can just pull up their profile and find out. The salty feeling could come in when you wonder if they are feeling you like you’re feeling them and then you see a status saying something like “can’t wait to see my boo later” and know that the two of you have no plans. Another part of that is when you see people you deal with talking to one another on social networks whether they actually know one another or not and you’re kinda stuck on some Drake sh*t like “I just seen my ex girl standing with my next girl standing with the girl that I’m f*cking right now”. Some things are better left unknown lol.

Wait A Minute! I was thinking about my lack of patience when it comes to just about everything in my world. It mainly started because I put something in the microwave for like 3 minutes and seriously went and found like 4 other things to do until my food was hot. God forbid it not be ready and I would have had a mini mental tantrum. What is this foolishness?! I was watching this interview from Conan O’Brien’s show recently that made this point more eloquently. Although the guy was hilarious (video below), I felt pathetic. He said, “everything is amazing and nobody’s happy”. This is very true. If my internet freezes for a second I have already cursed it. If I have to restart my cell phone I almost panic. This is crazy! Instead of realizing how awesome the technology we have today is (especially in comparison to maybe 150 years ago), I have become an ungrateful adult brat. I am in the midst of checking myself.

Lately I have found myself falling slowly but surely away from social networks for just about all of these reasons (in addition to the drama that has become too constant). I don’t want to completely detach myself because I have actually made some very great connects for networking opportunities, but I find myself at a point of finding a balance to this. I don’t want to live my life with everyone around me looking at the top of my head because I’m texting, tweeting, on facebook, email and so on. People are at the point where they go certain places just so they can post the pictures to show that they were there. How many times have you tripped, burned food, missed something or ran into something because you were so into your cell phone? How many times have you felt like your world was dimmed because your phone died or you forgot your phone? I want to see my people. I want to spend time. I hate talking on the phone so I am going to have to balance all of this out. I don’t want to miss out on life because I have been reading about it.

“It’s very strange when the life you never had flashes before your eyes” -Carrie (Sex & the City)

-Signed, Hey Stranger