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Culture and everything that surrounds it is constantly changing. Trends come and go. Fashion lasts a moment. Slang is tough to keep up with. Sometimes you have to stop to catch your breath because if you miss a week of some sort of social interaction you are likely a little lost. And with all of this going on, one cannot ignore the influence of the social network, primarily twitter!

The #Dilemna. As far back as AOL days, the internet has given people a type of power that their own world’s may not have allowed. What power is that? I’m glad you asked! That power is the option to be whoever you want, however you want, whenever you want and to go a step further, wherever you want. You get to choose “you” as if you were playing The Sims. For the ones that actually know who you are it is frustrating for lack of a better word and for those who don’t know you and can still see through that online disguise it’s pretty pathetic.

“…no one man should have all that power…” -Kanye West

Price tag|Hash tag. #EverybodyKnows that according to twitter it seems like nobody is struggling. Everybody’s rich and coppin’ this and that. #ButIGotMoreBurberryShirtsThanYouTho. Everybody got their own crib, own car, and eats out at pricey locations serving #FlamingYoung & #Stake&Eggs, but in real life you live with mom, got a squader and eat #RaymondNoodles. Life is so poppin’ that every moment must be twit pic’d. The level of arrogance and false confidence is through the roof. The funnier factor is when you actually run into some of these people in real life and it’s a completely different scene. #DontLikeTheLookOfIt. People acquire fake fans and put other frauding strangers on #PedalStools. People have established teams, imaginary haters/stalkers and fake family members on this site. #ThatsWhenANiggaLostMe. Relationships get complicated publicly from friends to lovers. Jealousy arises then lines are crossed, names get called and dirty laundry is aired. I mean whatever you choose to do is your business, but sometimes I wonder if some of you people are being serious with yourselves?! #Salad

“It was all good just a tweet ago”

#TheThirst. This occurs on both sides. I understand as human beings that it is natural to desire attention from others in some way. Even if you don’t say it, you want people to care at some level, because if you didn’t why use twitter of all social networks where people read your thoughts on things? The issue comes in at the lake where the desperate tweets and twitpics come in, yet get offended when you get hit with a #LonelyTweet or the belief that #YouAHo. People go #L.A.M.B. over showing some skin whether it’s classy or trashy. Personally, I leave it at the screen, because these aren’t my people so it’s entertainment. Long story short, #NiggasWontChill!

The World Is A Stage. #Fact, twitter talk has become so influential (at least in my city) that people began to talk in hash tag, get “twitter gear”, meet to f*ck or fight. We have relevant discussions, we rant, we refer each other to useful products, sex techniques, pull people’s CarFax, send prayers/encouragement, and get fake busy. In my opinion, it’s fun most of the time, but in dealing with people it is only right that it get annoying at times, but that’s probably as far as it should go, however, it gets real, #allegedly. People think they know you, think they know your life and plenty of other things. Subtweets get thrown and words probably unintended are taken personal and all that other mess. Despite this, I encourage you all not to lose who you are for a social site and definitely don’t lose those who are really in your life over it.

…instead of worrying bout who that b*tch f*ckin’, won’t you get you some money… -Wiz Khalifa

-Signed, #ImOnAHorseTho

    • The Teacher
    • March 25th, 2011

    Bomb ass post hunny, in a world where your always hit with….”It’s just TWITTER!” Many have found out the hard way that it is not.

  1. This is probably my favorite post; It has gotten to the point where when networking, some people don’t even ask for your email or cell number anymore, but they ask “are you on twitter?”

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