Fraudulently Fabulous

Money, clothes, and hoes all a nigga knows (Biggy). A mentality that seems to plague the (black) community, but it isn’t limited to us. However, it is “us” that I’d like to address. There are several things that I notice that cause me to question values, character, and many people’s realities. I’m witnessing an excess of paraphernalia over priorities, partying over parenting, and pump faking over personal responsibility. This topic will cause some heads to nod, some eyes to side eye, and hopefully bruise some egos. Maybe I shouldn’t write this way, subliminal thoughts get misconstrued it really ain’t polite to say, some things you gotta say (Chill Moody)!

“…why you ain’t stackin instead of trynna be fly?…” -Jadakiss

What Means The World To You? (Cam’Ron). People are living beyond their means at an all time high and it’s so obvious it makes me wonder why they even have the heart to bother trying to live a life they cannot afford. This has gone beyond trying to keep up with the Joneses, there are people that are living in $50,000 houses (that they don’t own) that are trying to catch up with millionaires. Where’s the logic in that? There is an image that’s trying to be portrayed and people are losing who they really are. Don’t front like you can buy fly sh*t and you and your homies sharing jeans (Kanye). With that being said, let’s peruse the essentials of cool (Lupe)…

“…damn them new loafers hurt my pockets…” -Kanye

Money? Cars? Clothes? Hoes? I Suppose (Drake). I’m not going to sit here and pretend I have all of the answers here. I know that a lot of the influence for these fabricated lifestyles are media related. People want what they see. It’s always been that way. The black community has been beyond the underdog in America for a very long time and this is an understatement. However, I don’t believe our ancestors sacrificed all they had, their freedom, their lives for us to live so foolishly. It’s in a black person’s soul to rock that gold (Kanye), but it doesn’t have to be. Being a walking contradiction isn’t cool. Selling out to be something you’re not is not wassup! You now have a bunch of fake friends that fraud right along with you, like you don’t remember when a nigga told a joke and the bitches didn’t laugh (DMX).

Oh You Fancy Huh? (Drake). Being caught up in brand names over quality is stupid, for lack of a better word. In my field of work, I’ve been in a lot of very nice homes of people who are well off and guess what, they don’t sit around talking about Polo, alcohol brands and jewelry. You model yourself after celebrities that in many cases are more famous than rich and are also fakin’ it til they make it. Every rapper ain’t a star and every plaid ain’t Burberry (Lloyd Banks). What fool brags about what they can supposedly afford? Do you say “I’m eating Kellogg’s cereal? I’m cleaning my house with Lysol? I’m watching my Sony tv? I’m writing with my Papermate pen?” That’s how stupid it sounds when you’re talking about your shoes, jeans, belts, weaves, and so on. The funnier thing is, a lot of you brag about labels and things you know nothing about and then look foolish when you ain’t even rockin’ it right. Rolleys don’t tick dog! Ya bezel dropped (Eve).

“…if you tear the bar down with all the fly women and still living wit your mama, get your money up… if you buying big whips, can’t take care of your kids, why you lookin’ at me, get your money up…” -Keyshia Cole|Keri Hilson

Get Your Sh*t Together (T.I.). You can tell them niggaz you roll with whatever you want, but you and I know what’s goin on (50 Cent). Another thing I don’t understand is how people fraud like nobody knows them! You was never known for gettin’ money nigga, you was only known for gettin’ other niggas money nigga (Beans). Too many of you supposed “get money” individuals still live in the hood or with your mom or are still renting where you stay. How are you at every event and you have no food or electricity in your house? How do you go out every night and you have kids? How are you a boss without a job or a business? How are you buying $600 sneakers, but your cell phone gets cut off? How are you taking elaborate vacations and borrow money from your mother? How are you cocky when you can’t even spell? You worry about the wrong things (Kanye). If you put that energy that you put into this “gaudy lifestyle” you might actually be doing something, but until then you a big L and I ain’t talkin bout Cool J (Kanye).

“…wings don’t make you fly and the crown don’t make you king…” -Lupe

-Signed, Broke Phi Broke

“…but that takes paper that we don’t have so niggas put they souls up as collateral…” -Black Ice (Def Poet)

“…how you figure yo sh*t is bigger than mine?…” -Black Ice (Def Poet)

  1. Fantastic

    • nikki
    • October 26th, 2010

    I love this I think we are all guilty of it in some way . But I know so many girls so caught up in labels its crazy

  2. *stands and applauds*

  3. I so much agree with you. People are living way beyond their means and then get all depressed and suicidal when it’s time to pay for the credit cards. It’s true for ALL races.

  4. this i use

  5. ah

    • toichanel
    • December 19th, 2010

    Love this! This is the truth!

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