I don’t want to sleep, I’m dreaming,
A fantasy can’t compare to my reality,
I’m dreaming,
Not many can say that they are living their dream,
And I am truly living,
I’m alive.

I have survived and am surviving,
But not many survivors truly live,
I am a living survivor,
I am determined to make the world hear my story,
They can forget my face,
They could never know my name,
But they will know my story,
They will remember my words.

The prize is obvious,
My eyes are fixed on it,
But it is the journey I cherish,
The roads taken,
The failures,
The glimpses of hope,
The bad decisions to wisdom setting in,
Sometimes I won’t know where I am going,
I will always remember from where I came,
Without these, this road traveled is in vain.

Everything that I want is already mine,
For I am enduring doubt and disappointment,
Persevering through pain and hardship,
If I am stripped of everything,
I will have my faith and character,
I will never be left with nothing.

I refuse to live your typical life,
Refuse to have an average world,
I want nothing less than extraordinary,
I will not keep quiet,
I will not be silenced,
I don’t want to be famous,
I want to be great,
It is already worth it.

I will have a legacy,
I am a living legend,
No one can tell me otherwise,
The race is mine,
I will win,
I have to,
I can’t sleep until I do.

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