Who Cares?

Since the beginning of time there have always been a faithful few and the majority has typically been wrong. It made me think about this when it comes to me meeting new people. If you know me, you already know I am a very curious person in every sense of the word, and I am also very clumsy. I am always open to trying something new in most cases, especially when it comes to people, I have this strange curiosity about relationships and how they work, don’t feel offended that I observe you my dear lab rats (lol). I love meeting people that I can meet as a young adult and still technically grow up together in a sense. On the other side of my excitement in coming into contact with new faces is the reality of who will stick and who won’t. It makes me wish I had thicker skin at times.

What Are You Intentions? At this point in my life I always tell people that all I have to offer anyone is friendship for a plethora (I love that word) of reasons. The funny thing is in some cases it has a negative impression when it shows that I actually mean what I say. At times I am a little apprehensive because you can notice certain things and hope that you’re wrong (which you usually aren’t) and have to come to grips with the reality that everyone’s intentions for getting to know you are not sincere. I’m one of those people that operate like “just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I don’t know.”


“I can’t tell who I should trust or just who I let trust me” -TLC

There’s Something About “Mary”. Sometimes I joke with people by saying I feel like the female version of “Good Luck Chuck” in a different kind of way. It’s almost like a curse when it comes to attempting befriending guys. I don’t want to go into specifics on that, so I will just leave that for another conversation.

“It’s like every chick I deal with, I can never ever keep it real with, they would rather feel that instead of catching feelings” -Dosage

Faithful Few. I always say I have about 2.5 friends (lol). Though the word gets used loosely in regular conversation, when it comes down to a consistent “track record” and daily life. I’m not impressed nor moved by numbers, because when I took the time and effort to really see what it is like to really be a friend, it is work and I don’t have that for 25 people, especially ones that aren’t putting in that same effort. I have learned not to take them for granted and I hope I never will. I’ve always kind of said to myself that you can never really love somebody until you can love them when they make you hate them. In other words, if the friendship hasn’t been tested or challenged in some sort of way, or if an argument can end things, it wasn’t a friendship from the start. Relationships are complex. In the words of Eminem “so what’s a little fight, tomorrow you’ll be boys again.”

“When your falling apart I pick up each piece, and build a wall around your dream.” -Sade

“Friends may come and friends may go, but you should know that, that I’ve got your back, it’s automatic” -Brandy

-Signed, Sincerely

“..I met him when I was a little girl he gave.. he gave me poetry and he was my first.. ..love of my life, you are my friend..”

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