HOOD Diaries: Entry 101

Its the best I could find for now... I need a hood stamp

It's the best I could find for now... I need a "hood" stamp

So originally this post was gonna be about something ghetto I did today (which it still will), but from the moment I did my lil thing… a plethora (yes-plethora) of events took place lol. Okay, so lil miss me did something rather hood, but first… (in the voice of Day Day on Friday After Next) Can I tell my story?! (lol)…
Okay-so I haven’t had a weave in about a year and about two weeks ago I decided to get one… it got to the point that my head was itching because I needed to wash it sooooo when I left my school and hopped on 95, I decided I couldn’t take it any more… Sooo I pulled it all out while I was driving (lol-not funny). Weird thing is, my hair looked kinda okay after that lol.
NEXT!– I hate riding through little Puerto Rico. This kid had his hoodie on as if he was a race horse, considering it was down so low he couldn’t see from the left or right, therefore he couldn’t see me almost run him over because he didn’t peep the green light on my end.
NEXT!– I go to the hair store and shawty got both of her cheeks pierced. Not just regular earrings… noooo, big ‘ol fake diamond studs. On top of that she is taking a vote from customers about getting  a horse shoe lip ring…
NEXT! – I get home (finally) and realized I forgot my keys… Called around for those that had keys to my apartment and found one. As I was waiting these two drunks were down the street fighting in slow motion… One chick took the others shoes and chased her… and there goes the neighborHOOD!
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