Part of My Issue

Okay… I realize that there are several other contributing factors as to why I more than likely am not getting this work done (i.e.- the genius over consumption of caffeine, exhaustion, stress, frustration, and so on). Hoooowever, [in the voice of Franklin from My Wife and Kids] (lol-not funny) there is another factor that I “guess” I have control over… procrastination. It’s difficult though and I believe it has always been this way for me. I typically do my best work under pressure and that’s for just about everything [unfortunately].

So what do I do now?

I have joined the club...

I have joined the club...

...bought the t-shirt...

...bought the t-shirt...

...and wrote endless lists!

...and wrote endless lists!


Yet and still here I am… staring at two different monitors, books, notes and other things that won’t get done until I do it. I can’t say I have no motivation because I do. I don’t understand this and I don’t have a lot of time to waste because I need to finish all of this work by Friday! Oy!

Signed, … I’ll get right to it… (riiiight)

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