Where’s This [Blog] Going?

This Can\’t Be Life by Jay-Z

Where do I begin? I’m up… likely out of anxiety or maybe that Red Bull I had earlier (lol).

Random facts:

  1. the song posted is almost always how I feel and/or what I’m not saying.
  2. I love questions/interaction
  3. sometimes these blogs will be to vent and I may not mean it later
  4. music is a therapy for me
  5. iWrite a lot, therefore, iThink a lot!
  6. I am extremely random and every bit of extraordinary ;0)

At this moment, I am wondering about some decisions I’ve made in the last maybe 72 hours, especially since they were rather weighty. I pray I made wise choices, but if they were wrong, I will know and address it when it comes. So this is the beginning of a possibly good thing (this blog)… As for this song… it’s rather relevant right now because in most cases a lot of things aren’t going according to plan, but maybe they just aren’t supposed to. We’ll see…

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